Distance learning of disciplines in the framework of the project “Jean Monnet Chair. European diplomacy” in conditions of a Pandemic

Dear friends! Today we are in an unprecedented situation because of the coronavirus pandemic. The entire education system in our country and in many other countries of the world has switched to distance learning. We have talked a lot and tried to expand the scope of distance learning in recent years in order to provide an opportunity for independent, additional training for a wide audience. As you know, any crisis or unfavorable context has its positive aspects. Now, when  contact learning is not possible, being at home we can take full advantage of distance learning.

The project team “Jean Monnet Chair. European diplomacy” held a distance school  “Actual problem s of European diplomacy and integration” in 2019 and this year we are going to conduct it with updated content. Currently all disciplines provided by the project implementation program are conducted online, offline using the educational applications zoom, googleclassroom.

We urge everyone to expand their opportunities in education, gaining professions through possible networks and with their knowledge, competence to confront against fear, panic and depression!

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